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Privacy Policy

Jacket Pop is one of those pioneering international online stores that always respect its customers and protects them on a priority basis. So, if you have any questions regarding your personal details, then you can read our Privacy Policy to help you with your problem.

► Our Privacy Policy tells you everything about the information we collect about you, how we keep it safe, to whom we reveal this information, and where we utilize it.

► As you visit our store, we automatically collect some of your data from the information about your Web Browser, Time Zone, IP address, and a few other things.

►As you further browse our store, we keep receiving information related to all the web pages and even all the single product that you have visited. Besides, we also monitor the searches that you have done on our store and how you have interacted here. All these actions are being done to give you a better experience by showing you the products with whom you can relate more whenever you visit our store. 

► Also, it is mandatory for you to provide us with your exact name, email, shipping address, billing address, phone number, and other relevant details whenever you make a purchase from our store.

► As soon as you will receive the product, all your financial details and other details will be terminated immediately.

 The personal information that you provide is being used for various purposes, which includes:

► Placing your order

► Shipment of your order

► Sending you notices/ notifications

► Order confirmation

► To give you the tracking details

► To communicate with you more efficiently

► To keep you notified of our latest products arrival, promotions, and sales

We never get involved in sharing or revealing our customer’s private details to a third party, and neither Jacket Pop has any intention to forward them.

► All the details of our customers are immediately terminated after the shipment and delivery of the product.

► The only people to whom your information is revealed are our faithful staff and trustworthy courier service workers for delivery purposes.

► Please know that we only use trustworthy Courier Services like DHL, FedEx, Skynet, NTL, and more.