New Year Sale! Use promo code " NY22" for a flat 20$ off orders over 169$
New Year Sale! Use promo code " NY22" for a flat 20$ off orders over 169$
New Year Sale! Use promo code " NY22" for a flat 20$ off orders over 169$
New Year Sale! Use promo code " NY22" for a flat 20$ off orders over 169$

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Halloween Jackets Sale

Halloween Jackets Sale

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Halloween Sale, Halloween Jackets, Halloween Costumes

Set up the creepy decor, light up the Jack-o'-lanterns, and creep it real because the all-hallows-eve is nigh upon. So, JACKETPOP is here to wish you a Happy Halloween with its incredible Halloween Shop, a collection filled with the best costumes and jackets for everyone. Feeling a need to be a charming devil for this year's Halloween? We have got you covered with our Mens Red Devil Suit. Want to show some panache? Here you go with our Girls Bat Jacket. If you are feeling festive but do not want to show too much DEAD-ICATION, no big deal, just put on the Halloween Pumpkin Print Bomber Jacket, and voila! Problem solved. Whether you want to look dazzling or want to dress as something eerie, these Halloween 2021 Jackets are there for you. With the finest fabric and extraordinarily unique design of our Halloween Costume Collection, you will definitely make your Halloween memorable. Sometimes, it's not about being boo-tiful, especially on Halloween, so, still, if you are feeling like going as a Hallow-queen, we have a Harley Quinn 2021 Jacket to satisfy that urge of yours. Talking about the urge, wouldn't this Halloween Sale will be in VEIN if a Dracula Cloak is not there for you to have? Other than that, all the products in this vast array are present at a discounted price and in a range of sizes so that anyone and everyone can enjoy them. Enough talk about the creepy and the kooky, not only do our Halloween Jackets Sale include these costumes, but also include a ton of your favorite superheroes and supervillain costume, as well. Other than the mentioned attires, our Halloween Costumes also include so many other outfits to keep you looking Fa-boo-lous. Now, it's time for you to be the GHOST WITH THE MOST and LOOK EEK-TASTIC!

Halloween Sale FAQs

1) On which date is Halloween celebrated?

The night of Halloween is celebrated all around the world on 31 October.

2) Why is Halloween celebrated on October 31?

Each year, throughout the globe, Halloween is observed on October 31,  which marks the beginning of 1st November, also known as All Saints  Day, and otherwise known as All Hallows (Holy) Day. So, before All  Hallows Day, comes All Hallows Eve, which has now come to be known as  Halloween.

 3) Why do we celebrate Halloween?

Halloween has its roots back in the ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain. During the Samhain, the Celts believed that the dead would return to their homes;   therefore, they used to ward them off by wearing costumes to fend off the ghosts. Furthermore, Halloween also marks the end of the Summer and the Harvest season, and the beginning of Winter.

4) What are some of the activities that people do on Halloween?

Everyone has their own choices of activity that they do on Halloween; however, here are some of the common ones:

► Pumpkin Carving

► Trick-or-Treating

► Halloween Costume Parties

► Visiting Haunted houses or Haunted Drive thrust

► Horror movies marathon

► Cosplay

5) What are the best costumes for Halloween 2021?

If you are thinking about what could be the best costume ideas for Halloween 2021, here are a few of them and what you will be needing for them to work:

► Scarlett Witch - works well when you don't have a happy ending.

► Yelena Belova - radiate as much chaotic energy as you can

► Baron Zemo - Dance, Dance, and Dance.

► Money Heist Red Jumpsuit - #sqaudgoals.

► The Addams Family - Just be mysterious and spooky.

► Harley Quinn 2021 - Burst into a Riot

► Ghost Face Mask - a sharpened knife

► Chucky - A bigger sharpened knife

► Friday 13th - We talkin' about a machete or a bigger sharpened knife here.

►Michael Myers - Okay, just pick up an AXE.

6) The outfits present in this Halloween category are original?

No. Instead, all the attires present in this wonderful range of Halloween attires are an imitation or replica of the original outfits that you might have seen around.

7) What are the best horror movies and TV Series to watch on Halloween?

► Halloween - The Movie franchise

► Nightmare On Elm Street

► Scream

► The Conjuring movies

► Insidious

► Haunting of The Hill House

► The Curse of La Llorona

► Fear Street

and a lot of other fantastic horror movies to send chills to your spine.

8) How can I spend Halloween alone?

First of all, dress up yourself in a costume. Second, sit on your couch and start binge-watching Halloween-themed movies or series. Last and not least, rather than trick-or-treating others, only treat yourself.

9) For how many days will the Halloween Sale go on?

To facilitate you with enough and give you a head-start, the sale will be started at its earliest and might even go on after the event.

10) How much time before Halloween should I order these Halloween Costumes?

The best and the most suggested idea would be to shop almost a month ago or at least 20 days before the night of Halloween. In this way, if there will be any situation or issue with the product, one would be able to easily deal with the problem.